Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

5th week in USBI: Nihon-Ji

Heloo guys, this morning I’m a little bit tired. I don’t even guess that every week I always tired and tired. Maybe it because I always riding a motor and getting the traffic jam everyday.......polution............... ohdamn! Anyway, this week we are advent the intern from Japan. Both of them are a boy. Actually I really happy because of that. LOL 

Their name are Kenji and Shohe (I don’t know to spell his name anyway). first impression for them is “lebay”. Mostly to Kenji, he is so lebay. Maybe he did it to get a good impression from us. Whereas the boy one, Shohe, I think he is so stolid, maybe it because that he can’t speak english as well like his friend. Like me. Yeah! Like me! *hi5 w/ Shohe!* LOL. Anyway, Kenji is working in ISDCO division like Ita and me. There is no Idea.  Hufth............

Anyway, i really dissapointed with them, espicially with kenji -___- why? It because, he makes me so exhausted on Wednesday, when we partnered them to find the ‘kos-kosan’ in Tebet. From 9am-1pm and we just get the result that they want the apartement. LMAO enough!

Senin, 30 September 2013

Are you Sure? 4th Week? Thank God

Saturday, 28 Sept 2013

Helooooooo everyone...... how was your day?
Actually I just wanna post this blog in yesterday, but it isn’t have enough time to wrote this in the office (I just have and only internet connection in there) :p  anyway, tonight, surrounding my house area in rindam jaya, has celebrating the “inbox award” in there. It’s noisy I mean and you have to know because that event, the road.....the street.......over there are almost full of motorcycle independence parking areas.  It makes our area and public street almost swim in the traffic jam. Wohhoooo I don’t like that. Fortunately, I don’t even ride the motor during that event. I gonna be a painful human being -__-

Anyway, tonight is the final show of Miss World 2013. For your info, it celebrated in Indonesia. Yapppp, INDONESIA, it precision in Bali. First in South Asian. You must to be proud of this. I do. And the delegation from Indonesia; Vania Larissa could into the top 10 of Miss World, unfurtonatelly she was failed into top 6 MS and the winner MS is delegation of Philippines. Congratulation. But I still proud of you Vania Larissa!!!!! *two thumbs up*

Omg, I almost forget to write about my PPL’s stories in the last week of our first month in there. This week was almost increadeable....., why I saying like that? It because in this week my division; ISDCO has been arrange the International educational event about “How to integrating the curriculum in twenty-first century” by Mr.Tjerrt Plomp from Nedherland, I get a new knowledge from him. It’s a little bit ‘queer’ hahaha. Now, I know that in Bahasa, pull means ‘Tarik’ and also in Nedherland. Maybe it was from influence the colonial period. Its queer right? :p  Im so happy that I can mixed up in that event although I just as the keeper. *sigh* no problem while it cannot make me worries, keep smile. Thankyou Mr.Plomp for inspiring Indonesia especialy people on USBI. Besides of that, I did some task from our supervisor, like redesign and being an editor for a day about the Instructional Modules of Pertamina Trainingship. It was pretty lot documents. Huffffh. Ita and me were so blurried eyes.


Monday, 30 Sept 2013

You know, I’ve been write this blog long timeeeeee. Since saturday until today. I need more inspiration day by day. Uhuk~ anyway, today is first week on 2nd month when I set internship program at USBI Campus. Last week, on Monday I had heavy fever, it was so painfuly. Alhamdulillah, times going on and today Iam more healthy. *GodDamn the weather!!* *srooot*

anyway, I get a rumor that tomorrow the intern from Japan will comin to our office. Its....woooooowwwwwww.  and woooow. I really enthusiastic. (did you know? I was really fanatic all about japan cultures---also their anime) I supposed that their could be nice with us and all of people in USBI.  (actually, last Friday I made a tasklist from Mr.Moore to them, I think they would be more busy than us). Hmmmm not fair.    /slaped/ /plakkk/

hahahahaha last word: Enjoy your own Good Day  \(^o^)/

Kamis, 26 September 2013

Recomended: Unique! Vacation to Japan

Heloooo everybody........ (Gru’s Style in Despicable me Movie) hihihi :p
This morning I wanna share the holiday story from my mate who lives in Japan, whoaaa actually since in kindergarten I was reallyyy reallyyy going to there. I almost thought that I could be a sailormoon when I lived in there and married with the indigene. Hihihihi /plak

Eniwei, back to the topic, this is the experiences of my mate who’ve holiday in japan:


I love hot springs (“onsen” in Japanese). I might even consider visiting onsens a hobby of mine. Yet for some reason I completely forgot that I went to this weird (in a good way) amusement park onsen in Hakone, Japan. In addition to your standard Japanese hot spring, they also had a coffee onsen, a green tea onsen, and a wine onsen. I don’t recommend drinking any of it, but as a bath it was pretty awesome to experience. Japan definitely embraces its onsen culture.

Coffee doesn't come from the ground so how do they get it into the bath water you ask? They make coffee in a pot and pour it in!

and that is upon the picture, the Green Tea onsen. I'm sure kids drink it all the time...clearly forgetting that the water is actually full of bacteria (bleh). 

Aaah, the Wine onsen. Seems like these wine loving ladies are enjoying it quite a bit!

I heard they now have a "Ramen noodle onsen." I hope this spa in Hakone never stops being weird! And to any of you, if you are curious about this spot (and have a chance to travel to Japan), the onsen is only about an hour train ride from Tokyo. Give a whirl, but remember – don’t drink it!

Thats all folks, her story of the unique spring pools in Japan. I hope, it could be the recomendation for your holiday list.

Ps: You must preparing the extra budget!!!!!!

Rabu, 25 September 2013

Movie Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Good day!!!!! And still on the traffictjam of Jakarta............................. huh

Its long time for me to write a movie summary or review in my blog. Yappp, it’s so many workssssssssss in my head! PPL, Project, and other activitiess
Okay, back to the main topic. Actually this movie which I’ve watched is older than the box office movies in this year and before. Maybe this movie has been launched on 5 years ago (in 2008). When I still on the High School.


That’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

In my opinion, in first impression when I saw the cover of the DVD, I didn’t interested. It just; a man who sitting in the old chair who lives in 50’s era. A little bit of “ancient”.
Why the title submitted “Currious Case” inside of?

Anyway, lets begin the story, that question would be answered soon, hihihi

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is a splendidly made film based on a profoundly mistaken premise. It tells the story of a man who is old when he is born and an infant when he dies. All those around him, everyone he knows and loves, grow older in the usual way, and he passes them on the way down. As I watched the film, I became consumed by a conviction that this was simply wrong.

Let me paraphrase the oldest story I know: In the beginning, there was nothing, and then God said, "Let there be light." Everything comes after the beginning, and we all seem to share this awareness of the direction of time's arrow. There is a famous line by e.e. cummings that might seem to apply to Benjamin Button: and down he forgot as up he grew. But no, it involves the process of forgetting our youth as we grow older.

We begin a movie or novel and assume it will tell a story in chronological time. Flashbacks and flash-forwards, we understand. If it moves backward through a story (Harold Pinter's "Betrayal"), its scenes reflect a chronology seen out of order. If a day repeats itself (Harold Ramis' "Groundhog Day"), each new day begins with the hero awakening and moving forward. If time is fractured into branching paths ("Synecdoche, New York"), it is about how we attempt to control our lives. Even time-travel stories always depend on the inexorable direction of time.

Yes, you say, but Benjamin Button's story is a fantasy. I realize that. It can invent as much as it pleases. But the film's admirers speak of how deeply they were touched, what meditations it invoked. I felt instead: Life doesn't work this way. We are an observer of our passage, and so are others. It has been proposed that one reason people marry is because they desire a witness to their lives. How could we perform that act of love if we were aging in opposite directions?

The movie's premise devalues any relationship, makes futile any friendship or romance, and spits, not into the face of destiny, but backward into the maw of time. It even undermines the charm of compound interest. In the film, Benjamin (Brad Pitt) as an older man is enchanted by a younger girl (Cate Blanchett). Later in the film, when he is younger and she is older, they make love. This is presumably meant to be the emotional high point. I shuddered. No! No! What are they thinking during sex? What fantasies apply? Does he remember her as a girl? Does she picture the old man she loved?

Pitt will of course be nominated for best actor and may deserve it because of his heroic struggle in the performance. Yes, he had to undergo much makeup, create body language and perform physically to be manipulated by computers. He portrays the Ages of Man with much skill. That goes with the territory. But how did he prepare emotionally? What exercises would the Method suggest? You can't go through life waving goodbye. He is born looking like a baby with all the infirmities old age. He grows younger, until he resembles Brad Pitt, and then a younger Brad Pitt, and then -- we do not follow him all the way as he recedes into the temporal distance.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is third among the top five favorites for best picture. It may very well win. It expends Oscar-worthy talents on an off-putting gimmick. I can't imagine many people wanting to see the movie twice. There was another film in  2008 that isn't in the "top five," or listed among the front-runners at all, and it's a profound consideration of the process of living and aging. That's Charlie Kaufman's "Synecdoche, New York." It will be viewed and valued decades from now. You mark my words. Ahayyyy. :--------------P 

Ps: the poster of the film cannot be attached, I don't know why

Selasa, 24 September 2013

Goresan Minggu ke 3

Heloooo sudah lebih sepekan saya tidak menulis blog ini lagi.
Ngomongin udah lama gak nulis blog (yah walaupun Cuma seminggu) itu ya karena saya sedang tidak enak badan. Rasanya itu mata berat sekali. Cuaca juga sedang labil-labilnya. Bentar hujan bentar panas. Huaaaahh


Yap minggu ini saya masih PPL, minggu ketiga, berasa udah 3 bulan aja di USBI, heheheh. Udah 3 minggu disini saya sudah mulai merasa nyaman, yah, dari mulai kagok bahasa inggris, sampai udah mulai terbiasa dengan ocehan bahasa sehari-hari di sini.
Minggu ini saya kebagian membuat desain pamflet untuk divisi ISDCO (divisi tempat saya PPL), oh ya saya lupa menceritakan satu hal. Ada keluarga baru di divisi saya, Mba Vinaaaaa. Beliau itu asik orangnya, lebih ke kita bgt. Beda deh yap, mungkin karena mba Vina lebih dekat usianya dari kita. Hihih baik deh orang. Dan sepertinya ada yang sedang pdkt dengannya hihihi (gosip mulu anak internship deh -__-)

Oh selain membuat pamflet tentang ISDCO, kami juga membuat rancangan dan mengedit script untuk Web Claroline ISDCO, kami semapt kaget ketika ibu Media bilang, web Claroline itu tidak hanya untuk ISDCO tapi dalam cakupan USBI. Menurut kami itu sangatlah luas.

Komik? Yap kabar tentang projek kami yang ini agak terpending dulu, setelah kami mendapatkan tugas lagi untuk mengedit, merangkum modul-modul yang diberikan oleh Pak Iqbal tentang pelatihan pertamina yang sebelumnya sudah kami buat pamfletnya. Ditambah kerjaan untuk mengirimkan ke ribuan alamat email mengenai reminder seminar Ploomp yang diadakan minggu ke 4 kami PPL. Oh ya, di minggu ini divisi kami sedang sibuk-sibuknya mengurusi seminar ploomp, apalagi ibu Media yang sangat panik saat tahu bahwa Pak Ken sakit dan tidak masuk kerja saat itu, padahal dia yang bertanggung jawab untuk seminar ini. Tapi semuanya sudah terurus saat semuanya sudah dikoordinasikan oleh ibu Media.

Mungkin hanya itu perkerjaan pada minggu ketiga saya PPL bersama kelima teman lainnya.